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The Flytrap no. 1 (Comic Book)

  • The Flytrap no. 1 (Comic Book)

In issue no. 1 of The Flytrap, on what’s left of Earth, Ben made the mistake of surviving too long. Giant bugs roam the landscape, demonic aliens haunt people's dreams, and there’s something wrong with Dr. Wright. What is she a doctor of exactly? She hasn’t been able to help Ben with his bed sores. She probably won’t like it when she finds the knife he’s been hiding. But why is he hiding a knife? Check out issue no. 1 of The Flytrap.

(cover variant: 2nd Printing design)

Every order includes a hand-drawn sketch from the illustrator. After you finish ordering, use the 'CONTACT' link above to ask for any character you'd like to see come along with your order.